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What Is Stamizyn?

Stamizyn is an all natural sexual performance supplement / male enhancer used to address a common problem faced by many men.

Since 2005, the ingredients found in Stamizyn have been trusted by men with male performance and erectile dysfunction problems.

Unlike many other products advertised which claim to offer similar benefits, StamizynTM’s exclusive blend of herbal extracts is designed to provide:

  • Sustained desires
  • Increased Arousal
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Remarkable surges in libido and sexual function

StamizynTM is one of the best products available on the market to help improve sexual performance for men of all ages.


StamizynTM’s outstanding formula of all natural high performance ingredients boosts testosterone levels and helps to improve your physical health and sexual relationships.

Simply stated, here are just some of the ingredients and benefits of our exclusive Male Sexual Enhancement formula:

L-Arginine – improves levels of intimacy by increasing the rate at which your body produces nitric oxide, a chemical compound in the body that improves blood flow.

DL-Phenylalaline – improves brain function by increasing the rate at which your body releases dopamine. This will in turn trigger your brain’s reward system resulting in feelings of enjoyment and sexual desires.

Tibulus Terrestris – is a well-known testosterone booster that increases vitality and enhances virility in men.
DIM – ensures that you get the right dose of testosterone and allows it to flow through the body more freely. It is also an effective estrogen blocker, a hormone that is not ideal in men.

Lepidium Meyenii – increases the motility of your sperm, the volume of your semen, your level of sexual desire and reduce any possible anxiety you may feel before sex.

Epimedium – is a natural aphrodisiac that contains Icariin, a naturally occurring compound that increases the level of nitric oxide in men that leads to an increase in penile blood pressure.


In a double-blind approach made at the University of Chicago, 31% of the men offered L-Arginine reported a highly improved sexual performance.

Tribulus Terrestris
has been used since the late ’70’s in Eastern Europe, and a secret weapon of bodybuilders in Bulgaria. Studies may indicate increase in sexual performance and drive.

Promotes healthy estrogen metabolism by allowing more testosterone to flow within the body and blocking unwanted estrogen in the male body, Supports healthy prostate tissue in men performance.

Lepidium Meyenii
On subjective report of sexual desire was because of effect on mood or serum testosterone levels within consumption of Lepidium Meyenii performance.

Epimedium is a Chinese herbal supplement with aphrodisiac properties.

Shown to have possible stimulating properties on the brain DL-Phenylalanine enhances sexual feeling, greater dopamine release. Dopamine is associated with the brain’s reward system, such as pleasure, & enjoyment.

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