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Whey IT  Is designed for overall health and well-being.  Perfect for any individual active or concerned about there diet and nutrition.  Ages ranging high School and College all the way to Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens.

24 grams of Protein per serving

6 grams of BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) per serving

28 servings

Comes in 4 amazing flavors, for a real treat try the Carmel Moch latte and the Chocolate mint it tastes like thin mint cookie.

Mixes easily

Whey IT provides 24 grams of RBGH Free Grass Fed whey protein per serving.  Drinking Whey It at least once a day can increase weight loss by speeding up your bodies metabolism and increasing caloric burn.  The protein from Whey IT also can improve full body muscle recovery.  Whey IT is an easy way to add an extra meal to your diet to kick start fat loss and lean muscle gains

Why Take Whey It?

  1. Loose Weight and Burn Fat
  2. Muscle Recovery
  3. Delicious Shakes for everyday breakfast, mid afternoon and evening meals

How to take Whey it?

  1. Mix One to two scoops in water, milk, or any beverage you would like.
  2. Use blender or shaker for best results

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