Tropics Beverages- Fruit Puree 12/cs


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Great products originate from great ingredients, and Tropics 100% Natural Infusions were born of this philosophy.

Our team created the world’s first “”Super Premium”” fruit infusion by sourcing the finest fruits from the world’s most exclusive growing regions. In order to deliver on this promise, Totem Strawberries harvested from the most temperate regions of the Pacific Northwest, Tommy Mangoes picked from Mexico’s exclusive Mango plantations, Cream of Coconut blended by Coco Lopez in the Caribbean and vine ripened Chiquita Bananas picked from the top 1% of South America’s banana plantations are chosen to represent the Tropics 100% Natural infusions brand.

Everything natural, and everything real is what makes Topics 100% Natural Infusions the fruit infusion of choice among some of the world’s most exclusive chef’s and dining establishments.

Stay real, stay true with Tropics 100% Natural Infusions!

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