Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Smoothie

Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Smoothie This tastes-like-ice-cream kale smoothie from The Blender Girl cookbook is the most popular recipe on the site! Sun Cafe, my favorite local raw restaurant, won’s Best Smoothie in L.A. award for a blend that’s similar to this one. I’m not sure exactly what they put in their award-winner, but this is pretty close.…

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10 Health Benefits from Eating Spinach

10 Health Benefits from Eating Spinach Aids detoxification Weight Management Lowers Blood Pressure (natural food that lowers blood pressure) Improves digestion Improves eyes and skin Maintains bone health and muscle Reduces inflammation Heart Healthy! Treats anemia Prevents cancer Spinach is a superfood. It is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. Dark, leafy…

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8 Fat-Burning Exercises for Women to Get Slim Arms Fast

8 Fat-Burning Exercises for Women to Get Slim Arms Fast Arm fat might be the cause for embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence for some people. If your stubborn flabby arms start to annoy you, then include dumbbell exercises in your workout routine! Using dumbbells is essential because they help tone your muscles, burn fat in different areas, and improve your stamina. All you need…

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