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8 Fat-Burning Exercises for Women to Get Slim Arms Fast

8 Fat-Burning Exercises for Women to Get Slim Arms Fast Arm fat might be the cause for embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence for some people. If your stubborn flabby arms start to annoy you, then include dumbbell exercises in your workout routine! Using dumbbells is essential because they help tone your muscles, burn fat in different areas, and improve your stamina. All you need…

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Will Protein Make You Fat?

Here’s what you need to know… While it’s biochemically possible for protein to turn into fat by ingesting extremely high numbers of calories or extremely large amounts of protein, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be in that situation. You can pretty much eat as much protein as you want and it won’t turn to fat. That…

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Yes, You Need Carbs. Here’s When to Eat Them.

Even bagels, pasta, and sweets deserve a place in your personal food pyramid Cutting carbs gets really trendy about once a decade, according to Dana Lis, director of performance nutrition at the University of California at Davis. This time around, it’s in the form of the high-fat ketogenic diet, which has no demonstrable performance benefits for…

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