Pres Nutra Bar

A unique concept to supplement sampling, where customers can enjoy trying a product before purchase. The intent of the Pres Nutra Bar is to provide the community with smoothie options that include protein and sports supplements as well as meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes are the perfect option to turn to in a time crunch. Easy to make and digest, we provide customers with the amount of protein and carbohydrates to keep you going until your next meal.

Pre-Workout/ Energy

A pre-workout drink is meant to increase energy, strength, blood flow, and endurance during your workout so you can achieve maximum results. Energy drink options are a great way to replace coffee or canned energy drink sources for a healthier option that will keep you fueled longer.

Popular Pre-workout Options: Adrenolyn Cuts, Adrenolyn Bulk, Pump Cuts, Edge Pro, and Dfine8.   



The post workout phase known as the anabolic window is the most crucial time to implement recovery nutrients. Our delicious recovery shakes give the proper carb to protein ratios. Nutrients include glutamine, carbohydrates, protein, essential and branch chain amino acids, and optional creatine.

Popular Post-workout Options: AR-15, G6 Replenish, Gluta-Pro, Amino Action, and Amino Pro.

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